Plant maintenance with European watersystem

At the heart of our system is a specific clay that was laid down some 40 million years ago during the tertiary period. It is found in only a few places in Europe. Using a proprietary process, the clay achieves a pore volume of over 80 per cent. It is then dried, broken down, sieved, and fired giving it incredible water absorption properties; while at the same time still allowing oxygen to reach the root ball of the plant to promote healthy growth.

We'll tell you a whole lot more during our demonstration and we promise - you won't get your hands dirty.

Introducing Tomorrow's Plant Management Today

Introduce our European maintenance and watering system to all your interior landscaping projects and get the benefits European countries have been experiencing for years!

The Dutch Green Design European System:

Lowers your current plant servicing & maintenance costs

Allows us to water monthly rather than weekly

Promotes healthier plants

Reduces your carbon footprint by up to 75 per cent

Is cleaner than traditional systems

Is less intrusive than your current system

Welcomes existing plants

Offers greater flexibility than other systems

Offers an extensive range of unique planters

Can be installed in less than a day

If you're not ready to start afresh with new plants and planters don't worry, you can still take advantage of the Dutch Green Design unique system, just Renovate and Innovate!

Dutch Green Design specializes in re-using your existing plants and replanting them in new water systems. We can either re-use your planters or provide new ones. This cost-saving service revives your facility and reduces maintenance. This also decreases your carbon footprint.

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